African Treasure

African Treasure

African Treasure is one of the best movies, I've ever watched. I really recommend to see and put on the list of the best films, because African Treasure certainly deserve it. I sat for a long time after the end of African Treasure, reflecting on my thoughts. The image organizer and the person responsible for the photos have chosen plein-air locations that are pleasing to the eye, despite the fact that the camera's work is quite typical, but thanks to this, you can focus more on the actors and their playing. The whole movie is complemented by atmospheric music and good photos. Ford Beebe showed us the world on the screen from a different perspective. African Treasure is undoubtedly the production that once again confirmed the artistry of Ford Beebe and his great talent. Watch this movie here in good quality.

Quality: SD

Release: 1953

IMDb: 5.5

Duration: 70 min