Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Sidney Sheldon satisfied me with his previous movies, but Dream Wife is much better. Sidney Sheldon has his tried-and-tested style, which he remains faithful to today. I sat in the cinema for a long time after the end of the screening of Dream Wife, reflecting on my thoughts, and returned home in a calm and meditative mood. The music deepens the impression, perfectly emphasizing the mood of what is happening on the screen. The whole movie is complemented by atmospheric music and good photos. I had the honor of watching the wonderful show from Sidney Sheldon last time. These beautiful particles together create such a delightful puzzle that the viewer wants to float above the ground. He begins to dream and turns off the reality around him for a moment in favor of the beauty that his eyes enjoy. Even for such aesthetic experience, a movie is worth watching. It is advisable then to turn a blind eye to the obvious passing of the truth, because it can spoil the reception of the picture. It's a great movie, you can watch it here in HD quality.

Quality: SD

Release: 1953

IMDb: 6

Duration: 100 min