Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting

Jay Russell satisfied me with his previous movies, but Tuck Everlasting is much better. I was very impressed when I watched it for the first time. This movie has the most beautiful ending you can ever dream of. The image organizer and the person responsible for the photos have chosen plein-air locations that are pleasing to the eye, despite the fact that the camera's work is quite typical, but thanks to this, you can focus more on the actors and their playing. Tuck Everlasting is definitely worth recommending to every fan of drama films, but also movies in general. All this is complemented by the excellent scenography. Anyone who wanted to watch Tuck Everlasting, probably did it already. It's a great movie, you can watch it here in HD quality.

Quality: HD

Release: 2002

IMDb: 6.7

Duration: 90 min